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Writing strong books

With "FEMALE MONEY" and "IN BALANCE" we share our knowledge and experience with a broad community.


Have interesting conversations

We love to be guests on podcasts and panels to share around the startup ecosystem, new work or leadership topics. 


Bringing messages to the stage

In lectures, workshops and keynotes we inspire for female empowerment, mindful leadership and sustainable investing. 

Katja's new release

Female Money

How women investors are changing the startup world

"We have not achieved true equality until we have lived equality. And equality in practice starts with access to capital. As a female entrepreneur and investor, I know that men invest in men. So why not break through this game and invest in women as women? Katja Ruhnke's personal and multi-faceted book is the best inspiration and motivation to become an investor right today!" - Tijen Onaran, entrepreneur and author

The MUST-HAVE for all women (and men) who want to make a difference!

Beshu Books
16,50 Euro

Conny's book

In balance

You don't have to be perfect to live a perfect life.

"No one and no one has to be perfect in order to live a beautiful life: That is the core message in this very personal book by Conny Hörl. 

She provides guidance on how to manage the balancing act between job, family, relationship and friends while balancing on the wobbly board of life. We learn why a guilty conscience also has its good sides, plucking weeds is healthy, and sometimes it would be better to sit down and shut up.

- Romy Seidl, ORF presenter and journalist

Balance is the ability to allow imbalance. A book about serenity, strength and the joy of life. 

Goldegg Verlag
Publication date: 15.3.2022
18,- Euro

Podcast visits

Gladly guest

Get off the couch

The media woman Doris Schulz talks to Conny not only about female empowerment at eye level, but also about tips on how to motivate yourself to become active.


The Business Podcast invites Conny to talk about why you should always have the courage to try something new and challenge yourself.

Startup Insider - read only!

This time it's about Conny's book "IN BALANCE". Anna--Lena Kümpel was one of the first to interview Conny and discovers amazing parallels to the startup scene.
CK Workspace

Working in Unterschleißheim

Come and work with us in our new CK Workspace in Unterschleissheim!

We offer offices, desks, meeting and workshop rooms in a cool, modern and personal atmosphere. 

Our special: a 200sqm roof terrace to work, eat or chill!