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Conny Hörl & Katja Ruhnke

Female Family Power

Munich-born Conny Hörl and Katja Ruhnke are a perfect team not only as business partners but also as siblings. 

While Conny has moved to neighboring Austria, Katja manages the fortunes of the family business in Munich. 

Both share a passion for new projects and a love of entrepreneurship.

As female investors, they are still in the minority, but they see this fact as a strength rather than a disadvantage.  

They are convinced that women will play a much more significant role as investors in the future. 

Entrepreneur with passion

Conny Hörl

Conny Hörl is a successful entrepreneur from Salzburg. Her group of companies includes among others the 

19 own MYGYM and MYGYM PRIME fitness studios, the PURE nutrition center , the ZENLOUNGE meditation center, the PRIME cosmetic studio, the company DSB Digital-Systemic Business Concepts, etc.

Together with her sister Katja Ruhnke, she runs the CK Group of Companies with the companies C K Venture Capital, CK Impact Capitalas well as CK Workspace


That's me:

"I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Even as a student at the LMU in Munich, I developed my first real estate project. After graduating, I moved to Salzburg, where I have been living and working since 1998. There I live and work since 1998. Together with my husband I built up a group of companies around the topics fitness, nutrition, therapy, cosmetics and meditation. What started as a classic B2C business is now a franchise company with over 250 partners. With our company DSB we help other fitness clubs with the digital transformation. 

In 2019, I made our first startup investment together with Katja. It quickly became clear: the business angel scene needs more female role models. Here I am! Since the beginning, I've been on the road at events, networks, panels and startup stages to inspire more women for startups. While Katja rocks the German stages, I am firmly anchored in Austria. I am a member of the advisory board of "invest.austria", sit on the jury of the aws innovative solutions program and am active in many other organizations (AplusB, Startup Salzburg, etc.). 

In 2022 my latest book "IN BALANCE" came out. In it, I share my experiences as a Healthy Lifestyle Expert and Meditation Teacher to help you with the balancing act of life. "


Order book:

The best way is simply via my website or via myvitahop.at!


Business Angel through and through

Katja Ruhnke

Katja Ruhnke is the managing director of CK Venture Capital GmbH and has thus taken over the operational part of the company. In addition to her commitment as an investor, the trained musical performer and mother of two children works in the family business in Unterschleissheim near Munich. 

That's me:

As the child of an entrepreneurial family, I worked for 10 years in the cultural sector as a musical performer and drama producer after graduating from high school. After studying cultural management, my path led me back to Munich to the family business. Now, in addition to my husband and children, I dedicate myself to the family group of companies. In search of new business areas, I was infected with the idea of start up financing in the summer of 2019 and have been an Angel Investor with great passion ever since. I think it's great how many smart founders there are in Europe and with what drive and passion they implement their ideas. I see it as my task to promote the development of new ideas and visions and I am happy to be able to realize this now as an investor. Always with the goal of making the world a little better."


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Working in Unterschleißheim

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