FOCUS article: Women's money and power

A double-page spread in FOCUS - who would have thought it? But the article wonderfully describes the current situation on the startup and investor market. It is still mainly men who invest in startups. With the consequence that female founders can generate significantly less investor money than their male counterparts due to the so-called unconscious bias. But the tide is slowly turning. While the article puts the share of female business angels at 7%, our share has increased to 12.9% according to recent research (Nov. 21). That's something. Thanks to articles like this, there is growing visibility and awareness that female capital is desperately needed in the market. But not only that: studies show that 65% of women want to do good with their investments and generate an impact. And that brings us back to CK Venture Capital's guiding principle: Invest to make the world a little better.

A really readable article, which >>> is available for download here.