The Handelsblatt reports about our investment in urgrow!

With urgrow, we recently made our seventh investment. The company around Pascal Wolf and Carsten Kremser fits perfectly into the portfolio of CK Venture Capital. Like us, the young founders have set themselves the goal of making a contribution to the topic of sustainability and healthy lifestyle. 

Urgrow has developed a fully automated planting system for the home windowsill. Strictly speaking, the urgrow system can be placed anywhere: on the shelf, in the storage room or even in the basement. However, it would be much too bad for that, because the planter box comes in a highly stylish design and can therefore serve as a visual highlight in any room

Planted not only herbs, but also fruit plants such as tomatoes, small peppers or even strawberries. Thanks to the hydroponic system, the system can be used all year round and requires virtually no maintenance. Fill up the water tank every two weeks, that's it. From then on, it's a matter of watching the plants grow and harvesting them. This is not only fun, but also provides the family with fresh food all year round. Strawberries at Christmas thus become a matter of course without producing a negative foodprint. This is because the system consists largely of renewable and recyclable materials, and the seeds are organically sourced. With this, urgrow founder Pascal is true to his word.

The founders' high value system was one of the decisive reasons for CK Venture Capital to invest.

Now even the Handelsblatt has become aware of our investments and has published an article about our sister power.

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>> Here to the video message of urgrow founder Pascal Wolf within the crowdfunding campaign of Startnext